PwC helping clients be alert and adapt to the latest EU legislation

PwC’s Financial Services (FS) Risk and Regulation team worked with a large global asset management firm to help them understand the MiFID II regulation and importantly the impacts of the regulation on their businesses globally.

A key part of working across a global business is turning the regulation into something that is not too technical so that they can articulate the potential impacts to their offices around the world.

PwC provided a seasoned team of risk, operations, programme management and strategic consulting resource armed with deep technical knowledge in regulatory issues combined with a deep understanding of the clients’ industry.

The team delivered a project that educated the client on MiFID II, helped them implement the necessary changes for the immediate and further future whilst defining an overall corporate strategy to manage MiFID II going forwards.

How did we add value?  How did we get the Client ready for change?

The FS Risk and Regulation team developed strong relationships at all levels of seniority across the client’s asset management business and their broader organisation. The client was able to flex the skills, seniority and experience of the PwC team members to meet their changing requirements as the potential strategic impact of the regulation became clear. Individual client stakeholders really trusted PwC to deliver and to provide the board level thinking that comes from combining strategic, regulatory and delivery capabilities. 

PwC were not afraid to say what had to be said, even if the client’s didn’t want to hear it. We stood by our view point to give them the best advice with honesty and integrity.

How did we help the client stand out for the right reasons?

The client captured the detailed compliance aspects of MIFID II and related estimated costs which was the initial objective, but were able use that analysis to focus on the overall alignment of key MIFID II strategic and large scale operational changes to the business priorities. This enabled senior management to make informed decisions in managing the consequences of MIFID II on their business model at a strategic level, rather than in isolation. 

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