PwC working alongside Clients to protect and repair customer relationships

PwC were selected to assist a large UK Retail Bank who were experiencing a sharp increase in Packaged Bank Account (PBA) complaints received from their banking customers. The Business As Usual (BAU) complaints handling operation was unable to cope with this unexpected spike whilst managing their existing BAU pipeline.  The bank urgently needed to increase capacity to tackle both the increasing volume of new complaints and effectively deal with the back-log.

How did we add value? How did we get the Client ready for change?

We deployed a PwC Delivery Centre team, initially for a 3 month period, to work as a ‘challenger team’ alongside the BAU complaint handling function, dealing with PBA complaints.

PwC met the client’s ‘route to complaint handling competency’ in half the time of their BAU counterparts, allowing the team to successfully assist the client quickly without compromising quality.

Once we were on site, significant process improvements were identified throughout the complaints handling lifecycle.  Consequently, as the process improvements were agreed and implemented, the time taken by our challenger team to investigate a complaint was dramatically reduced and decisions were routinely communicated to individual customers comfortably within the 8 week regulatory mandated timescale.  

By the end of this period the complaint pipeline was within agreed parameters and the PwC team was scaled back for a remaining 3 months. Following a knowledge transfer from PwC to the client, the bank took on board the findings and were able to run an efficient complaints handling operation, resulting in more happy customers.

How did we help the client stand out for the right reasons?

The team supported the Bank in a very successful supervision visit from the FCA regulator and also reduced cases being overturned by the Financial Ombudsman Service 

Following PwC involvement, customer complaints handling policy and decision making was applied in a more consistent manner resulting in more customers receiving a fairer outcome as a result.

PwC came to this project with a wide range of skills, from compliance consulting to forensics, data analytics and risk assurance services. Under the FS Risk and Regulation business, every team member worked closely together and had a very well joined up approach.  This helped the client to become more joined up too.

By supporting the customer relations team, PwC challenged the norm of other management consultants by doing a proof of concept and questioning the client’s existing methodology and processes in order to affect a difference in the way they worked.

This is a good example of three of PwC’s FSRR functions in action: Protect, Adapt and Repair.

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