Those representing the UK financial services industry: “In for the long haul"

Citizens' Jury: the regulators

Since the financial crash in 2008, the financial services sector has struggled to rebuild trust with UK citizens. Despite advancements and progress within the sector, those representing the UK financial services industry, continue to be seen by UK citizens as too big and too distant from people in the street to really be trusted to do the right things, and have the public’s best interests at heart.

From the UK public’s perspective the ball is in the industry’s court to really work hard to rebuild its image, improve on the past and drive innovation to better serve customers in the way they want. Being seen by the public as doing nothing is no longer an option.

We have taken the recommendations developed by the Citizens’ Jury and mapped out the implications for three key sets of industry participants: first, those providing financial products and services to consumers; second, those providing financial products and services to businesses; and third, those representing the financial services industry in the UK.

We asked UK Citizens... "What can the Financial Services sector do to help rebuild trust and confidence?"

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