Opening up on diversity

Getting to grips with the reputational risks

Find out how we rated FS organisations’ reputation on diversity and inclusion

Over the last 10 years, diversity and inclusion has grown into a reputational risk that businesses can no longer afford to ignore. 20 years ago, diversity and inclusion would have been a peripheral factor for organisations to consider. Today, it is a crucial vehicle in shaping stakeholder perceptions, building customer loyalty and attracting and retaining the best talent.

And now with the spotlight of equality on gender pay reporting, (with organisations that have 250 or more employees in England, Scotland and Wales required to publish their gender pay gap data by April 2018), those charged with managing reputational risk have a significant task in addressing:

  • What is the impact of diversity and inclusion on an organisation's reputation?
  • What risks does the diversity and inclusion agenda create?
  • What separates the 'leaders of the pack' from the rest, and how do they sustain their position?

We assessed a number of financial services organisations’ practices  against 17 sets of progress criteria, to reveal some very compelling findings.

Find out how we rated their reputation on diversity and inclusion in the report below 

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