A selection of publications and thought leadership is available to forest, paper and packaging companies in the UK:

Sustainable packaging - myth or reality. Revisiting the debate

A report revisiting the debate on whether sustainable packaging is a valid termfor the packaging industry, consumer goods manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

15th Annual Global CEO Survey: Forest, paper & packaging industry insights

Forest, paper & packaging CEOs in PwC’s CEO Survey are worried over the economy, exchange volatility, energy costs and consumer demand. They’re changing strategy to cope.

Global Annual Forest, Paper & Packaging Industry survey ― 2011 edition

The goal of the Survey, now in its 14th year, is to provide insight into the major companies and an overview of the issues and events shaping the industry. This year’s Survey summarises the 2010 publicly available year-over-year financial information of the PwC Top 100, the 100 largest forest, paper and packaging (FPP) companies in the world, ranked by sales revenue.

Sustainable packaging: threat or opportunity?

Under constant pressure from government, the media, customers and consumers, the packaging industry is increasingly being forced to consider how its products can be made more sustainable. Faced with pressing issues of over capacity, low prices and high raw material costs, should 'sustainable packaging' be a top concern for packaging senior executives? Will the issue have any real, lasting impact on how the industry does business, and how will packaging shape up?

Risks & Rewards - Forest, Paper & Packaging in South America

This third publication in the Risks and Rewards series looks at forest, paper & packaging in South America. With the lowest wood costs of any leading producer region, South America looks set to become the dominant producer of pulp globally.

Risks & Rewards - forest, paper & packaging in Russia

Addresses the state of the industry in Russia and reflects on the key considerations anyone thinking of investing in the sector there should make. It explores the risks and rewards of doing business in Russia.

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