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Looking towards the next Spending Review

We’re working with the Social Market Foundation on an events programme looking towards the next Spending Review.
[ 3/19/15]

Good Jobs: A Demos and PwC essay collection

This Demos and PwC collection of essays brings together a wide range of contributors to share their views on what might be meant by ‘good jobs’.
[ 12/18/14]

What next for the future shape of Whitehall?

Our latest issue of Whitehall Matters includes articles about the role of 'the centre' and civil service reform, the capabilities required to deliver public services within fiscal constraints, implementing new models of working and how to harness the potential of digital.
[ 6/15/14]

Where should power lie?

Our Public Sector Research Centre director Nick C Jones talks to Julian McCrae from the Institute for Government and Ed Cox from IPPR North about where power – and accountability should lie in government.
[ 5/7/14]

Good Jobs

The rise of the knowledge economy has being well documented but in actual fact, one in four jobs still require no qualifications. In some sectors, low paid work continues to be the norm – and the development of what’s being termed an hourglass economy is generating much debate ahead of the 2015 general election about what can be done differently so our economy is more productive and jobs provide more than just a wage and a function.
[ 4/9/14]

Going for good growth? Did you know…

The UK economy is now on the road to recovery but there remain many challenges ahead and questions unanswered – what kind of growth are we seeing and is it sustainable?
[ 4/9/14]

Rethinking government? Did you know…

Fiscal austerity will continue deep into the next Parliament whichever party, or parties, form the next government. Spending cuts have become the norm for those working in the public sector, who must also grapple with rises in demand. The question for the political parties in the lead to the general election in 2015 and beyond is how can we rethink government so it is more affordable and delivers what voters now expect from their services?
[ 4/9/14]

What’s the future shape of Whitehall?

Government budgets are shrinking while demand for public services continues to rise. This is driving a civil service reform agenda under the current Coalition government. But it is widely recognised that after the general election in 2015, changes will have to go much further to meet future pressures. A shared vision is needed for what this could look like.
[ 4/9/14]

Lifting living standards? Did you know…

Debates on squeezed living standards - and what can be done to help lift them - have moved centre stage. This is not just about managing the cost of living but dealing with the earnings crunch too.
[ 4/9/14]