Delivering outcomes, creating value: Government and the Global CEO

72% of CEOs are concerned about geopolitical uncertainty and government responses to fiscal deficits and debts

44% of CEOs, and 49% of state backed CEOs, intend collaborating with government over the next three years to deliver a skilled, adaptable workforce

Government findings from our 18th Annual Global CEO survey

Asthe world tries to cope with rising tensions, we remain optimistic thattogether business and government can deliver what citizens really want byputting good growth and good jobs at the heart of the purpose and mission ofour public bodies.

Eachyear, our Annual Global CEO Survey captures issues at the top of the businessagenda. As in past years, we have deepened the research by including a range ofinterviews with senior decision makers in governmental organisations and publicbodies across the world.

Thisreport sets out businesses’ priorities forgovernment, and discusses how public bodies can:

  • becomemore affordable, through a focus on sustainable cost reduction;
  • rise tothe digital challenge, improving productivity and outcomes;
  • invest ingrowth,particularly skills and infrastructure;
  • collaborate with business, delivering societal outcomes; and
  • reducebusiness burdens, adopting smarter approaches to regulationand tax.

An interview with: 

Roger Marsh


Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership

Roger Marsh describes his future vision for Leeds City region and the role of collaboration across sectors.

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An interview with:
An interview with:
An interview with:
An interview with:
An interview with:
An interview with:
An interview with:
An interview with:
An interview with:
An interview with:

If we can deliver sustained, extraordinary growth, those cuts of today could be replaced by additional expenditure of tomorrow

Martin Donnelly

Permanent Secretary

UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Martin Donnelly explains the challenges facing central goverment in the UK and the necessary collaboration that's required between businesss and government to stimulate growth.

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There is no one size fits all digital solution because digital simply runs through everything. But it affects businesses in different ways.

Helen Paterson

Chief Executive

Wrexham County Borough Council

Helen Paterson explains the big decisions facing Wrexham County Borough Council and how they are tipping the balance to an external focus on collaboration and outcomes.

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The thing to recognise is that actually good growth and good jobs are the foundation of all communities, all families; they are the foundation of the economy

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