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Intelligent Service video

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Intelligent Service

As we continue to manage the challenges and uncertainty COVID-19 brings, a number of universities are rethinking their approach to communicating and engaging with prospective and current students.

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As digital natives, students expect a digitally led, mobile first experience, getting access to personalised, relevant and accurate information in real time across multiple channels.

PwC's Cloud Contact Centre Solution, Intelligent Service, will meet these demands, leveraging Salesforce Service Cloud, Amazon Connect, and other cloud technologies to deliver a seamless, integrated and quality end user and customer service agent experience with a simple set up and new, digitally enabled efficiencies that will drive scale, improve service, increase revenue and reduce cost to serve all through cloud-based technology that empowers teams whether in the office or working remotely.

The solution integrates telephony through Amazon Connect to ensure the customer service team has a holistic view of interactions across all channels, with accurate, real-time information and full visibility of past engagement.

Proactive communications, leveraging Salesforce Service Cloud, will provide students with the information they need to fully engage with the university through a smooth digital interface that facilitates self-service, when they need it.

Simple, everyday tasks and questions, will be easy to access and readily available through online communities where improved digital channels using automation, chat bots and FAQs will provide instant answers, whilst interactions such as connecting with students seeking advice or support, or for those going through the application process the human touch will be retained as an integral element of the student journey.

For students, simple, seamless, and real-time access to timely and personalised information across multiple channels and devices results in a positive experience, increasing student engagement and satisfaction with the university.

Providing proactive service to students, and automating responses to simple queries allows customer service teams to save time to focus on the moments that really matter to students, where the human connection is essential, driving an increase in student satisfaction, improved job satisfaction for staff, and enabling service teams to deliver on ambitious university targets, while Management will quickly generate efficiencies, have greater insight and reporting to drive improved engagement, and the ability to identify further opportunities to scale up to deliver greater benefit for students.

In this rapidly changing digital world, together through the use of Intelligent Services, we can help you improve your contact centre offer and deliver a seamless and effective experience for your students and staff.

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