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The road to recovery: Delivering financial sustainability in the NHS


Key processes and plans to deliver financial turnaround in trusts as well as long term sustainability.

Professor David Kerr


Professor David Kerr

Kerry's story


Kerry's story

Paulâ s story


Paulâ s story

Health matters blog


The latest insights from our experts on health matters

NHS Non-Executive Director Programme


PwC’s bespoke programme for NHS NEDs delivers high value and high impact events free of cost and tailored to support the demands placed upon NEDs in the health sector.

The role of hospital chains in the future NHS


What role could hospital chains potentially play in the NHS? Our report draws on the experience of chains in Germany to explore the potential for the chain model in the NHS.

Redrawing health and social care


Exploring the role of national health bodies in enabling and supporting the delivery of local health and care services

Lessons from Alzira: an NHS provider perspective


What can the NHS learn from the Alzira model developed by Ribera Salud? John Howarth outlines the lessons he brought back from a recent trip to Spain.

Shifting to accountable care: characteristics and capabilities


International experience shows that the successful delivery of accountable care requires capability in eight key areas. Does your organisation have the capabilities it needs to deliver accountable care?

Renewing primary care: Lessons from the ChenMed model


Dr Craig Tanio, Chief Medical Officer of ChenMed, discusses the ChenMed model of primary care and potential lessons for the UK.

Clinical Commissioning Groups – one year on


On 1 April 2014, clinical commissioning groups reached their one year landmark. Are CCGs delivering to their full potential? What does the next year hold for clinical commissioning?

Resetting your care economy: lessons from New Zealand


John Macaskill-Smith, CEO of the Midlands Health Network, discusses lessons from New Zealand in reforming primary care and delivering integrated care.

Commissioning for outcomes


Providing coordinated care which delivers the outcomes that matter to people using services is a key priority across health and social care. Is outcome based commissioning the answer? Watch our short video discussion.

One person, one team, one system


Sir John Oldham’s Independent Commission on Whole Person Care explores the challenges health and social care organisations face in delivering integrated care and sets out recommendations on how we can move beyond the current system too often characterised by fragmentation.

Joining the dots


Integrating information is a key component to delivering integrated care. How can the NHS, local government and other health and social care organisations begin to join the dots?

Time for a health and social care reset


Integrating care around people and communities, bringing together NHS and local government across the whole care economy, offers a sustainable pathway to improving outcomes and delivering value for money?

Clinical Contracting Considerations


Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have a range of contracting mechanisms they need to select from to enable the delivery of new models of care. This Grafton Group reports sets out a road map to assist CCGs in selecting appropriate contracting models.

Transforming the future of health and care


The Better Care Fund offers care economies a unique opportunity to make a step change in their integration plans. Are Health and Wellbeing boards ready to make the most of the BTF?

Creating a culture of care


High profile failures of care have drawn attention to the role of culture in the NHS. In this short video, we examine the impact of culture, and the importance of leadership, in healthcare settings.

Clinical Commissioning Groups - The First 100 Days


From 1 April 2013, clinical commissioning groups will take their place at the heart of the new NHS landscape. PwC’s first 100 days guide highlights key issues CCGs need to address from the outset.

The anatomy of health spending 2011/12


2011/12 was the first year the NHS was faced with a tightened financial envelope. The Anatomy of Health Spending, a report from the Nuffield Trust, reveals how the NHS is coping with the financial and productivity challenges it faces.

mHealth in the UK: Paths for growth


In the UK, interest in mHealth – from patients, carers, commissioners and healthcare providers - has never been greater. Against this backdrop, the latest UK executive summary - mHeath in the UK: Paths for growth’ – provides the findings of the survey, commissioned by PwC, by the Economist Intelligence Unit and the scope for mHealth in the UK.

Monitor - a new role in regulating NHS pricing


The current tariff-based system, which prices individual episodes of care, has worked for the past decade – providing the right incentives to reward efficiency and better performance. But if the NHS wants reimbursement to encourage innovation and promote integration, then it needs to adopt new strategies and approaches to pricing. Ian Wootton talks to David Bennett, Chairman and Interim Chief Executive at Monitor about their new role to regulate pricing in the NHS.

Evaluating the NHS reimbursement systems


An evaluation of the reimbursement system for NHS-funded care.Reimbursement mechanisms are an important lever for delivering quality and efficiency improvements in the delivery of healthcare. In 2010/11 5% of GDP (£66 billion) was spent on reimbursing providers for NHS-funded secondary care.

Shaping up for telehealth - Transcript


In our latest Soundbites publication we examine the new opportunities for telehealth providers. And in the coming months we’ll be exploring what telehealth implementation means for the wider health and social care sectors.

Alignment Project : Clear line of sight


Alignment Project : Clear line of sight