Delivering new care models

Lessons from international experience

Shifting demographics, growing demand and financial pressures mean the NHS needs to find different ways to think about and deliver care. New models of care are needed, delivering better outcomes at lower cost, and transforming the relationship between clinicians and patients.

Learning the lessons from international models of care can point the way forward for the NHS, from delivering new commissioning and accountable care models to how to scale up primary care. Our international experience suggests that successful care models focus on keeping people as healthy as possible - not just treating them when they're ill, delivering outcomes over the long term, allowing space for innovation and integrating care around the patient.

Here we explore the lessons from international experience and how providers and commissioners can prepare for a new era in NHS care delivery.

Commissioning for outcomes

Providing coordinated care which delivers the outcomes that matter to people using services is a key priority across health and social care. Is outcome based commissioning the answer? Watch our short video discussion.

Joining the dots

Integrating information is a key component to delivering integrated care. How can the NHS, local government and other health and social care organisations begin to join the dots?

Clinical Contracting Considerations

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have a range of contracting mechanisms they need to select from to enable the delivery of new models of care. This Grafton Group reports sets out a road map to assist CCGs in selecting appropriate contracting models.

Time for a health and social care reset

Integrating care around people and communities, bringing together NHS and local government across the whole care economy, offers a sustainable pathway to improving outcomes and delivering value for money?

Transforming the future of health and care

The Better Care Fund offers care economies a unique opportunity to make a step change in their integration plans. Are Health and Wellbeing boards ready to make the most of the BTF?