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Every day, we see the difference the public sector makes to people’s lives. For our research, we are focusing on how government can help build a fair and inclusive future for the UK.

We are listening to citizens, the public sector, business, and civil society, what are their priorities for a fair future for everyone.

Aileen Murphie, Director of MHCLG and Local Government Value for Money at National Audit Office

I think, one of the key things to make the UK a fairer place will be to look again at issues like social mobility.

Student from near Worthing, Pop up Community Project

Something where people have equal opportunities.

Learning mentor from Buckinghamshire, Pop up Community Project

… and they’re not defined by their social class or their ethnicity.

IT technician from Newcastle Upon Tyne, Pop up Community Project

So a fair society is one where every member of the group is considered important.

Andy Lison, Director at PwC

When I think of fairness, I think about equality of opportunity for everybody. That’s equality of opportunity to get access to the public services, equality of opportunity for jobs and work, and equality of opportunity to be healthy and in wellbeing.

Clive Heaphy, Chief Finance Officer at Birmingham City Council

I think, government needs to think about social cohesion and how communities work together.

Evelyn John, Senior Manager at PwC

If we have more confidence to spend money on early intervention, I think outcomes and public services would be far better for society.

Merron Simpson, Chief Executive at New NHS Alliance

I think one of the main things that needs to happen to make the UK fairer is a real commitment by government to reducing health inequalities.

Alan Milburn, Steering Group Chair

What’s needed to create a fair and inclusive future for the UK is a new mind set in the country, which is that everybody, regardless of background or circumstance should be given equal opportunity to succeed, and that just doesn’t mean by income or class or gender or race, it also means by geography and generation.

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