Whitehall Matters: Winter 2016


Whitehall Matters Winter 2016

Our latest issue of Whitehall Matters includes a collection of articles following the November 2015 Spending Review.

Whitehall Matters

Winter 2016

The scene is set for the rest of the Parliament, with the Spending Review confirming the drive towards a smarter, and proportionately smaller, state, with a budget surplus.

The Chancellor confirmed that there is pain on the way for some parts of the public sector with cuts of up to 30% or more, particularly in local government. But it appears that the more favourable state of the overall public finances has enabled other areas to be saved from the worst of the cuts.

However, even in ring fenced areas, increases in demand are outstripping budgets - from defence, which faces ever more existential threats, to health, with the impact of an ageing population - so public services across the board remain under severe pressure to deliver the outcomes the public wants.

This issue includes; what the recent Spending Review means for Whitehall's people agenda, our thinking on how the public sector can derive the most value from its assets and what devolution might mean for the civil service. And finally, we explore the potential for digital and Big Data to contribute to meeting cost pressures.