Growth, place or people: the housing association of 2022

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The UK has a national housing challenge  incorporating affordability, supply and social considerations. Recognising that housing associations can’t be all things to all people, we have imagined three housing delivery imperatives and the types of association that will need to be part of the sector-wide response.

We ask the questions: Which type of HA are you, how ready are you to execute your choice and what does that mean for the way you currently operate?

Growth, place or people

Combining financial strength, commercial innovation, and supply chains to build at scale.

Driving Goal:
Maximising the capacity and capability to deliver more homes where they are needed.

How to compete:
Building internal capacity and skills to rapidly grow the existing and future pipeline complemented by effective partnering with peer organisations, lenders, investors and the wider supply chain, exploring new business and partnership models, innovative investment vehicles, and merger to do this.

Key success measure:
Number of new homes

Using local strategy, multi-disciplinary teams, and partnerships to create sustainable infrastructure and communities.

Driving Goal:
Positively transforming an area for the benefit of the local community through joined-up delivery planning and delivery.

How to compete:
Engaging at a local level with government, business and other infrastructure and service providers to plan, design and deliver development and management approaches that align to place-based need.

Key success measure:
Improvement in the physical fabric and socio-economic performance of a local area.

Part of a network that brings together investment, landlord services, and skills to enable inclusion, independence, and opportunity.

Driving Goal:
Maximising life chances for individuals through the provision of homes and services.

How to compete:
A workforce – direct or provided in partnership – with the right capacity, skills, and commitment to provide services that can enable individuals to become independent while also ensuring homes and estates are well managed.

Key success measure:
High levels of positive engagement with customers
Improvement in life chances of customers

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