Local State We’re In 2016

While the challenges that local government faces are no doubt still significant, the shift in feeling that has emerged in the sixth edition of our local government survey is one of a sector on the move; finding innovative new ways of working, looking for new opportunities and forming new partnerships.

Against the backdrop of continued fiscal austerity, councils are looking to the future with a sense of confidence in their ability to deliver on an ambitious agenda, one which is being defined by:

  • the opportunity of devolution to deliver both growth and whole system reform;
  • new collaborations across the public and private sector to move interventions upstream;
  • the potential and power of digital and data to transform services and engage citizens and communities; and
  • a clear focus on delivering outcomes rather than services alone.

However, as we look to 2020, there will also be new risks to manage, from cyber threats to the shift from grant funding to a reliance on business rates. Councils need to ensure that they have the capacity and capability to match their ambition in order to deliver on these opportunities while managing new risks.

My priority to 2020 is maximising opportunities to work in partnership to develop and deliver services in different ways, ensuring better outcomes whilst managing expectations

Chief Executive

My priority to 2020 is managing the challenges of any devolution deal and surviving financially

Council Leader

My priority to 2020 is…to still be here! The battle against centralisation of more and more public services is one that could see local authorities disappearing through having little or no influence on local matters

Council Leader

My priority to 2020 is ensuring that we continue to enable our citizens and customers and communities to thrive

Chief Executive

My priority to 2020 is focusing on early intervention, promoting self-reliance and building capacity within and outside of council

Chief Executive
The Local State We're in 2016

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