Spending Review 2013: Living with austerity

Spending, jobs and the public mood

What did the 2013 Spending Review mean for you? We've analysed the state of our public finances, the shape of the labour market and captured the public mood as we continue living with austerity.


The Spending Review and tax measures

By Alex Henderson, Partner The Chancellor announced more resources for HMRC but it's not clear how far this will go beyond earlier Government commitments. More HMRC resources are always a sensible move for the Chancellor as HMRC is the revenue raising part of government. These resources will be focused on... Read more.

The Spending Review - spending and wage growth

By Paul Cleal, Partner and PwC Government and Public Sector Leader We’re seeing money moving around within the overall envelope rather than new cash. In some cases, as in infrastructure, despite positive announcements of new plans, the overall numbers are still decreasing. Overall more than 50% of public spending is... Read more.

The Spending Review and its economic impact

By John Hawksworth, Chief Economist The overall amount to be spent by the government in 2015/16 is £745 billion, exactly as planned in the Budget. So the size of the cake is the same as previously planned and the net effect of today's announcements on overall UK economic growth in... Read more.

Spending Review 2013 – our response

By Paul Cleal, Partner and PwC Government and Public Sector Leader Tomorrow (26 June), the Chancellor will stand up in Parliament to make his 2013 Spending Review announcement. At PwC, my colleagues and I will be sharing our instant reactions in a variety of ways. We’ll be examining whether ring-fencing... Read more.

Our commentary

Spending Review 2013: PwC media briefing

For comment, briefing or interview, contact PwC media relations: T: 07841 563 180 / 07907 49 0153 Follow comment... Read more.

Total UK employment projected to rise by over 850,000 by 2018 despite spending squeeze, but public mood remains low

Spending Review 2013: PwC analyses labour market trends to 2018, fiscal options and the public mood as the UK... Read more.

SPENDING REVIEW 2013: Meet the PwC experts

In the build up to the Spending Review 2013 on 26th June, PwC experts from our economics, government, tax and...... Read more.

Local authority confidence that cuts won’t seriously impact services plummets 40% in one year

Local government achieve planned savings for the year but public opposition to local service cuts strengthens... Read more.