Spending Review 2013: Living with austerity

Spending, jobs and the public mood

The fiscal situation remains very challenging.  In the forthcoming Spending Review the Government has little room to manoeuvre.  With significant further spending restraint planned up to 2017/18, the pressure is on - and will continue into the next Parliament.  This report examines the state of our public finances, the shape of the labour market and captures the public mood ahead of the Spending Review announcement on 26 June.

Uncertainty and austerity will continue to be the watchwords for public bodies into the next Parliament.  Affordable government is the order of the day, while fostering the conditions for growth - with an emphasis on 'good growth' - particularly good jobs.

There are some important areas where change has started and needs to be accelerated.  Click below to find out more about:

  • The Future of Government, including managing demand and being change-ready
  • Developing new business models to open up public services to a wide range of providers and ways of operating
  • Balancing an internal focus on efficiency and effectiveness with an external focus on good growth.
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