Trading Up and Out

The future trading arrangements between the UK and its international partners are as yet unclear. Nobody knows what the outcome of the UK’s Brexit negotiations will be. And with so many different voices and sets of interests, government has to work to secure the best possible outcome for the UK economy, one that works for everyone.

Getting the best deal for the UK

Getting the best deal for the UK will require wide and deep engagement across society and business.  So how can government distil the substance from the noise and deliver what's best for UK plc?  The need for effective dialogue across government, industry and civil society has never been greater.

PwC is convening an expert panel to consider these important issues. We will host a discussion chaired by Lord O’Donnell, former Cabinet Secretary, with contributions from Sir Lockwood Smith, High Commissioner for New Zealand to the UK, Professor L Alan Winters from the UK Trade Policy Observatory at the University of Sussex and Dr Hannah White from the Institute for Government.

This event will take place at a Central London location on Monday 7 November from 4.45pm. For full details and to request a place, please contact


Our panel

Lord O’Donnell, Former Cabinet Secretary

Gus O'Donnell was Cabinet Secretary and Head of the British Civil Service from 2005-2011 and oversaw the introduction of the first coalition government since the Second World War in 2010. He was Permanent Secretary of the Treasury from 2002-2005 and served on the IMF and World Bank Boards. Gus is Chair of PwC’s Public Interest Body (PIB), Chairman of Frontier Economics, Strategic Advisor to TD Bank, Executive Director and Strategic Advisor to Brookfield Asset Management, President of the Council of the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) and Chair of the Board of Trustees for Pro Bono Economics in mid-2016. He is also a Visiting Professor at LSE and UCL, a member of the Economist Trust, and Chair of the Behavioural Insights Team Advisory Board at the Cabinet Office. He studied Economics at Warwick University and Nuffield College, Oxford, then lectured at Glasgow University. Knighted in 2005, Gus was appointed to the House of Lords in 2012, sitting as a crossbencher.

Sir Lockwood Smith, High Commissioner of New Zealand to the United Kingdom

Rt Hon Sir Lockwood Smith is the current High Commissioner of New Zealand to the United Kingdom.   Sir Lockwood served as a Member of Parliament in New Zealand from 1984 until his retirement in early 2013 to pursue a diplomatic career.

During his parliamentary career, Sir Lockwood served as a senior minister in various portfolios including Trade. Sir Lockwood also served as Deputy Minister of Finance, Minister of Forestry, Minister of Tourism, Minister Responsible for Contact Energy Ltd, Minister Responsible for the Education Review Office, and Minister Responsible for the National Library.

Dr Hannah White, Institute for Government

Hannah White joined the Institute for Government in May 2014, originally on secondment from the House of Commons. She now leads the Institute’s work on Brexit and on Parliament and the relationship between scrutiny and effective government.

She has more than 10 years' experience in Parliament and the Civil Service, most recently running the Committee on Standards on Public Life in the Cabinet Office, and the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee in the House of Commons

Professor L Alan Winters, UK Trade Policy Observatory, University of Sussex

L Alan Winters is Professor of Economics and Director of the UK Trade Policy Observatory in the University of Sussex. He is a Research Fellow and former Programme Director for International Trade at the Centre for Economic Policy Research.

From 2008 to 2011 he was Chief Economist at the Department for International Development (DfID), and from 2004 to 2007 Director of the Development Research Group of the World Bank.

"With so many voices, and plenty of differing views, government needs to plot a path to a trade deal which will deliver a productive and inclusive UK economy. To achieve this, government needs to design its trade policy alongside its industrial strategy. Taking a place-based, inclusive approach to growth across cities and regions to improve UK competitiveness."

Tina Hallett, Government and Public Sector Industry Leader

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