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Video transcript: Celebrating 70 years of the NHS


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Quentin We’re celebrating the 70th anniversary of the NHS because it’s absolutely core to our purpose at PwC in terms of helping society to solve some of the more complex problems. We also have a large number of people that work across healthcare and specifically within the NHS.


I’m an account manager working with NHS and it gives me the opportunity to actually see what happens both behind the scenes and what happens in the delivery sense of what clinicians do to help out the NHS and because of that I feel very connected to the organisation.


It’s 9 years today that my nan died … I remember it vividly and the people involved were fantastic did everything they could to help her, to make her feel comfortable and us too as a family and it’s amazing that it’s been going for 70 years and long may it last.


I think it’s a birthday that should be celebrated. I think doctors, nurses, the cleaners, the porters, everyone, they do a sterling job.
Karen My mother, her sisters when they first came to the UK worked in the NHS for forty years so I grew up in the NHS.
It’s a challenged system but in terms of what they do, they’re challenging every day - they’re challenging the science, they’re challenging the way that people live to help make people’s lives better.
Anne I hadn’t had much previous experience with the NHS until I fell and broke, badly smashed my wrist and I didn’t think I’d be able to work again it was so bad. The surgery that I received and the surgeons did an amazing job and I am now back at work full time and I thank them so much for everything they have done for me.


Quite recently with my son I think the NHS have been amazing in terms of getting the him right treatment, getting the right assessments for him, in terms of speech therapists and getting him diagnosed and getting the right support that he needs for in terms of his life.




My parents trained to be nurses in the NHS and worked in the NHS all their lives until they retired.
So what makes the NHS so special is the people who are very dedicated and committed but also that they’ve stuck to the origins and the roots of what they wanted to achieve.


I think the NHS has been spectacular for myself and my condition and I’m sure it’s unbeaten really in terms of how it can respond you know to a huge population and give you what you need when you need it
Ashu I love NHS having spent some time in the US when I came to the UK I just loved the idea, loved the concept it’s just outstanding.


My wife is a transplant coordinator for the NHS and recently my parents had to visit the hospital… and… they actually met a woman who’d had a transplant that Natalie had actually organised, so … my parents were really proud … and the patient herself couldn’t say enough about you know how great the experience was.
The passion and determination that people have is really inspiring, both Natalie and her colleagues they’re just absolutely relentless.
Sally My close family apart from one person have all experienced cancer in last few years including myself and I, we all found the treatment we received was totally individual we felt really supported.


Last year my son born 9 weeks premature what was difficult time partner and I, as well as son it was great to know we had care from NHS - both medical care but also their emotional support amazing.
Josh The NHS has been there for myself and my family for all my life but I think the moment that stands out is when they cared for my grandad and that allowed us to spend more time with him towards the end of his life which benefitted us all and benefitted him hugely and that’s something we’ll always be thankful for.


I work quite a bit internationally as well in healthcare and it always strikes me how powerful the NHS brand is when you talk to people in other territories and other countries and it always strikes me how highly respected for quality of service the NHS provides us in the UK.
Charlotte I think it’s difficult to imagine having to pay for every visit to the doctor’s and every medical treatment, I think we all take that for granted and the amazing people behind the NHS.


All of the backup staff, all of the admin staff, managerial staff all the people in the diagnostic areas, and the laboratories, the cleaners the cooks, the porters, people that it’s very easy to forget about, they are the life blood of the system and we owe them an enormous debt of gratitude.

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