Capture the Growth: The opportunities for new entrants in healthcare and wellbeing

The time is ripe for new ideas in UK healthcare. Some of those new ideas and solutions will come from new sources – organisations which traditionally have not been involved in healthcare, fitness or wellness. Worldwide, the players on the healthcare pitch are changing. And the UK is no exception. New entrants are emerging, disrupting the old ways of doing things.

This report analyses these changes. It is based on research about what people think is happening in healthcare now, how they approach their own fitness and wellness and what needs to happen in the future. The insights of healthcare professionals, people getting care and people looking for ways to stay healthy help pinpoint where opportunities lie for new entrants to make the biggest contribution to improving health and care.

New entrants disrupting the UK healthcare market

Alan Milburn and Andrew McKechnie discuss the findings of the report, how new entrants are emerging and disrupting the UK healthcare market and what are the implications.

Understanding consumers

From our research we created three personas, Jack, Donna and Betty to bring the research findings to life. What do different groups of people look for and prioritise on their health, wellbeing and fitness journey? Find out how they engage with healthcare, wellness and fitness and what the opportunities for new entrants could be. Find out more about each of these personas and watch the animation films.


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31% of 18-34 year olds would be willing to have a consultation via a mobile app
60% say they would be willing to have their child access minor healthcare in high street store or pharmacy
Over 50% of 55+ people have focused on improving their diet over the past year

What is a new entrant?

"A non traditional healthcare player who offers its brand, engineering expertise and knowledge of customers to disrupt the healthcare landscape."

"Consumers are becoming more discerning and have specific demands across the healthcare, wellness and fitness spectrum."

"Consumers are more engaged than ever in their healthcare, fitness and wellness."

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