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What is Perfect Ward?

Healthcare inspections help us identify issues and understand performance.

Unfortunately, inspection regimes aren't always effective.

Information can be hard to access or understand and simple tasks can be admin heavy and time-consuming.

This makes it very difficult to drive ongoing improvement and takes valuable clinical time away from care.

Perfect Ward is an intuitive app which eliminates the admin involved in conducting and reporting inspection results helping you improve quality in any care setting by letting you know where improvements should be made.

Smart inspections make it quick and simple to capture information.

With many features to ensure meaningful results understand recurring issues and key concerns right away.

Look up guidance for a consistent approach and leave comments or photos for absolute clarity.

Now with less time spent inspecting staff can get back to caring.

Perfect Ward's automated live reporting puts relevant information at your fingertips, letting you see each area's performance at a glance or review further to address the most vital quality issues and understand common problems.

Recognise improvement with immediate access to all historical reports and compare results with other areas.

This means that staff engaged with inspections address issues as soon as inspections, are completed and understand organisation-wide performance.

Overall, Perfect Ward helps you get the most out of the inspection process, not only reducing inspection and reporting time but provides the impetus to really look at what is important in delivering quality.

Supporting long-lasting change across any care setting.

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