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Healthcare is changing – and digital is playing a major part in that change

An ever growing population and longer life expectancy will put more and more pressure on the healthcare system in the UK. We need to find smarter and more efficient ways of treating these increasing numbers whilst maintaining standards and without increasing in  resources. At PwC we’re helping to lay the digital foundations for healthcare. We’re working with the industry to create the innovations that will transform healthcare for the future.

PwC & Perfect Ward Partnership

Perfect Ward is an online inspection tool aimed at continuous quality improvement. The tool offers a simple, digital solution that has a big impact on quality, patient experience and allows staff, particularly nurses, to spend more time with patients and less time on administration. Trusts, such as Barts Health NHS Trust, London Ambulance Service NHS Trust and West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, are already reporting that Perfect Ward has been key to changing behaviours and has revolutionised their care audits giving them access to instantaneous information. It has provided a trust-wide view and has been embraced by nurses and paramedics at all levels who have replaced spreadsheets with tablets freeing up huge amounts of caring time.


Karen West provides an insight into the use of the Perfect Ward app and how it has impacted front line staff.


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Professor Sir Mike Richards, former CQC Chief Inspector of Hospitals, joins Perfect Ward executives and other panel members to discuss how this simple, digital solution can have a big impact on quality and patient experience as well as allowing staff, particularly nurses, to spend more time with patients.

How it works

Perfect Ward operates on a subscription basis and is customised for each organisation depending on what they want areas to inspect, who they want to do the inspections and what questions they want to ask. It can be changed at any time depending on new needs.

Roll out training is provided and then ongoing support is guaranteed throughout the licence period

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"The Perfect Ward app has revolutionised how we collect quality data for the organisation. It's allowed a trust wide view which we never had before."

Heather McNair Director of Nursing and Quality, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

It’s easy to use and nurses, and patients, are feeling the benefits


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What Perfect Ward can do for you

Visible to everyone

Consistent expectations can be provided across all clinical areas, with guidance and monitoring that is visible to all. Pictures and notes allow staff to see exactly what you're looking to improve.

Build pride in performance

Engages front line staff and provides measurable indication of progress. Empowers your workforce to drive improved quality through clear and transparent reporting.

Clear, instant reporting

Automated and structured management reporting for ward and clinical area audits. Interactive reports let you understand what you need to know.

Live data on quality

Provides a clear CQC audit trail and "ward-to-board" assurance on quality. Instantly add any new areas of concern to the checklists.

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