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Using analytics in healthcare: better insights, better decisions, better outcomes

The NHS is facing ever-rising costs through ageing populations and increased demand. At the same time budgets are constrained and systems are transforming. Across the healthcare sector organisations are looking for new and more effective ways to deliver services. Data analytics is key to this. Findings can be used to both design and implement transformation to improve patient outcomes and reduce overall costs.

Why analytics matter

Analytics solutions can drive improvements in productivity, clinical effectiveness, patient experience and outcomes.

Using analytics effectively means:

  • Avoiding following misleading information
  • Taking the fastest route
  • Sharing the same information across a system
  • Effective monitoring and quick identification of issues
  • Empowered leaders

Using analytics means you can find out:

  • Who are your patients and why did they come?
  • How many patients are likely to come this time next year?
  • What can you do to change the pattern?

For example, analytics can give you a better understanding of who and why people are visiting A&E, how many will come in future years and what you can do to support some of these patients in the community instead.

Analytics can address financial, operational, clinical and performance management challenges.

  • Demand and capacity planning
  • Performance management
  • System transformation
  • Closing the funding gap

Responding to your needs

We bring together activity and cost datasets, including the Healthcare Evaluation Data tool, population data such as ONS data, and geospatial data, to build enriched datasets that can yield unique insights into a local healthcare system.

We use the latest technologies and analytical techniques, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, financial forecasting, statistical analysis, visualisation, simulation and scenario modelling, to provide organisations with the most meaningful understanding of data.

And we accelerate insights via our data and analytics tools and apps, which can be customised for each individual organisation. We always propose the solution that is most beneficial, never prescribing a 'one size fits all' approach

Demand and capacity modelling and actuarial forecasting to understand future demand. Design effective long-term solutions. Scenario modelling of new pathways, including simulation of changes in patient activity, quality metrics and staffing requirements.

How we can help

We can give you insights into the flow in key aspects of your system enabling you to model different strategies and assess which will have the most impact in delivering improvements in patient care, performance and resourcing.

Our coding tool helps trusts to improve their coding for financial and quality reporting; the A&E simulation tool can be used to run scenarios to understand best options to reduce costs and improve activity management.

How we can help

We can work with you to understand how to drive down costs and achieve financial efficiencies, whilst also identifying opportunities to increase your revenue. We benchmark you against the national average and peer trusts so that you can see how you are comparing.

Machine learning to improve patient management and outcomes, and benchmarking to understand what you do and how effectively you do it.

How we can help

We can help you maintain a grip on service delivery, and drive quality and productivity. We have worked with a number of providers to offer insights into operational changes that achieve safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care and that meet national performance indicators.

System-wide financial control total and assurance dashboards enable user friendly, system-wide planning and collation of data from several organisations to provide a single version of the truth.

How we can help

We have extensive expertise in developing system transformation towards population-based, outcomes focused, integrated organisations which empower patients. We have worked with providers, commissioners and national bodies across the country to be at the forefront of the development of innovative contracting and payment approaches within the NHS and Social Care.

Building capability

How we can help

The task of avoiding financial deficit while maintaining and improving quality standards is an increasing challenge for many local health economies. We can collaborate with you to find solutions to the challenge of delivering high quality services whilst planning for a sustainable future. As well as conducting data analysis for you, we can help you embed data analytics platforms, skills and capabilities within your organisation.

The Programme which PwC delivered this Trust has delivered excellent value. Full year savings equal £93m or 9.5% of turnover. The documentation and processes that the PwC team developed are innovative and unique. These processes have added significantly to the value proposition as well as delivering real, tangible savings.

Director of Transformation and Turnaround, NHS Foundation Trust

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