Patients first: Our approach to delivering sustainable primary care

As the health system transforms to put place and patient at its core, Primary Care Networks (PCNs) will be the foundation of integrated care systems (ICSs).  A new multi million pound fund from the centre means PCNs must develop at pace to ensure the benefit of this cash injection. As integrated systems around them evolve, they must both lead by example and adapt to new ways of working.

We have brought together a partnership to offer support to the effective development of PCNs. Together with our partners, we have already delivered hugely successful NHS programmes across primary care and to over 100 CCGs with great results. We know how to run programmes that are consistent across systems and locally tailored to each and every site we work with based on their unique challenges. 

Our partners

Key issues to consider

Building care models around population health needs

Developing a clear strategic view

Building relationships

Building capability for working in partnership

Organisational development for practice resilience

Workforce planning

Delivery of new service specifications

Emergency care

Our approach

With our partners we have developed a response to these issues that is citizen centred and asset based. We believe in creating resilience by bringing local practices together to support each other to deliver work life balance, financial viability, digitisation and improved patient access.

Timescales to deliver against the Long Term Plan and to access the fund are tight and so PCNs must quickly develop plans which are accepted by all stakeholders as well as review their workforce planning requirements and assess funding considerations.

We have developed a roadmap showing what PCNs need to do and by when.

A roadmap showing what PCNs need to do and by when

What we can do for you

Our team of health specialists work across the country with GP practices, GP federations, trusts, systems and national bodies to transform the healthcare system. We pride ourselves in our depth of knowledge and strength of relationships with many of our colleagues having direct experience of working on the frontline of healthcare delivery.

Together we have delivered many change programmes and have developed a reputation across key areas including:

  • high quality, patient-centred care – adapted to local needs, replicable and scalable;
  • standardised systems and operating procedures, enabling regulatory excellence, performance monitoring and reduction in unnecessary variation;
  • leadership substantially underpinned by expert primary care clinicians;
  • population health management capability development and transformation of care;
  • ability to operate at-scale and to localise care delivery;
  • a primary care learning division developed with multidisciplinary service delivery at the forefront of our thinking;
  • a primary care technology offer fully integrated with our service delivery and learning arms;
  • a focus on customer care and user experience, co-designing new initiatives before deploying rapidly at-scale.

We’d be delighted to hear from you so we can discuss your unique needs - please get in touch.

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