Strategy and transformation

A new strategic direction

With shifting demographics, growing demand and significant financial pressures facing the NHS, there is an increasing move towards integrated care and whole system working. New models of care are being developed which are focused on better outcomes delivered at lower cost, across an integrated system. PwC is working with STPs, accountable care organsiations and other organisations to create strategies and oversee execution.

To address these shifts in the delivery of care and to succeed in this increasingly complex, competitive environment, the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector will need to elevate capabilities and deliver the greater value. This means rethinking business models, operations, strategies and execution to provide enhanced care delivery, diagnostics and therapeutics, payment systems, and wellness and support. We are already working with a number of pharmaceutical clients in response to this new health economy.

The challenge of leading change

STPs around the country are setting ambitious transformation agendas. Most contain significant plans to transform health and social care systems for the long term. Leading this change is going to be challenging with many difficult decisions along the way. Strong, visible leadership underpins the success of the most high performing organisations and for STPs this will be no different.  As they move into the delivery phase the right type of leadership behaviours need to have been embedded in the system.

We have been working with STPs across the country. Based on this experience we believe there are four conditions that need to be met to ensure a successful outcome:

Commitment and ownership of plans

The STP has no statutory or legal power so it can only operate by agreement of the statutory bodies within its footprint. Unless boards and governing bodies have visibility and understanding of the objectives and are signed up to delivery plans change will not happen.

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Clear accountability

Those charged with leading elements of the plan must feel a sense of accountability to others. This needs to be underpinned with clear reporting and information structures.

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Distributed leadership

For real change to happen all organisations should have a role in driving it. The STP programme convenes and coordinates but implementation should be shared across a number of organisations.

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Recognising the sense of urgency

Due to the unprecedented financial pressure on the NHS pace is required. Where this does not happen, regulators are more likely to intervene.

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