Taking back control: Bringing technology to direct engagement

The NHS is facing an ongoing challenge of balancing the books whilst maintaining quality and ensuring patient safety. Expectations of greater accountability are high and there is an emphasis on transparency to show greater value for tax payer money. It’s no surprise then that trusts are seeking ways to ensure they operate more smartly whilst ensuring that they also remain compliant and deliver savings.

Critical to this drive is direct engagement. This allows allows trusts to contract for the services of a medical professional directly with the individual rather than through a recruitment company. It gives greater control to the trust, particularly around terms and conditions, and means that they can reduce costs and manage their compliance more effectively.

How we can help

Through our work with trusts we have gathered extensive insight into their needs and expectations. As a result we have developed a unique technology solution to help trusts to directly engage with contract workers in a simple and effective way. PwC Direct Engagement means trusts can manage all aspects of the engagement from initial contracting and tracking through to payments and payslips.

Implementation can be fast, with training and transition taking around two to three weeks. We offer a full technical refresher as well as legal, pensions, tax and procurement advice.

Really making a difference

How our tool can help you:

  • instant inviting and onboarding of workers - no need to go via a third party which saves time as well as ensures fewer errors in rates and commissions etc;
  • works with all other vacancy release or booking platforms;
  • allows engagement with any type of worker including locums, AHPs, nurses etc. - the tool will adapt the contract accordingly;
  • enables uploading of relevant attachments in one place - for example CVs, right to work checks and the outcome of HMRCs ESS tool for IR35 - thus providing a useful audit trail;
  • mobile enabled so that workers and approvers can submit and approve time sheets on their mobile phones as they go;
  • 24/7 access to the system;
  • allows agency login leading to fewer errors and full transparency;
  • we can act as BACS agent to process payments to the workers so there is no transfer of funds to any other party - this means greater control and better cash flow.

Where we’ve done it

We worked with a large Midlands based trust to compliantly transition them across to our direct engagement model. After transition we have worked with them to increase utilisation, boosting throughput to almost 100% and, therefore, maximising the full benefits of the tool. We developed bespoke reports which are delivered on a weekly basis, giving them absolute visibility over spend and with real time updates. The trust uses these reports to inform decisions, reduce agency spend and set appropriate budgets by department. They easy mobile access has meant they can oversee all the detail they need from any location and any device.

Midlands hospital trust

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We have a team of dedicated professionals who have expertise in the healthcare sector and who have worked alongside a number of trusts to deliver transformative change in their direct engagement processes.

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