Pubs and restaurants

The UK eating out market is worth over £40 billion, and while consumers continue to engage and enjoy the food industry across several channels, and brand power continues to hold its strength at the more expensive end of the market, the casual dining sector still find their target markets to be cost conscious and savvy about pursuing the best value without compromising on quality with competition from the dining packages offered by supermarkets.

Pubs have seen escalating cost in terms of minimum wage, VAT rises, business rates and price competition on alcohol from supermarkets. A comprehensive food offering has become a must have rather than nice to have in increasing the value per customer. Changes in the consumer experience in pubs are also influenced by price and regulation, from duty on gaming machines to sports coverage licenses, all factors that put pressure on profit margins.

Our team provides a wide range of financial advisory services, complemented by our specialist expertise. We play a strong supporting role through working with leading operators and financial institutions to unlock the potential of pubs and restaurants and helping clients in the sector drive value.

We are currently advising clients across the pubs and restaurant sector on mergers and acquisitions; refinancing and fundraising; financial restructuring. human capital services including share schemes and pensions and audit services.

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