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Industry Talks: The impact of 5G - video transcript

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JASS SARAI – UK Leader of Industry for Technology, Media and Telecommunications, PwC
I thought the conversation today was really fascinating, everybody brought really different perspectives. I definitely learnt a lot and I think actually everybody listening probably took away something very different that was relevant for their own businesses.

With 5G, in truth, everything’s going to change. When you think about a world where everything’s connected, where everything’s smart, and you’re using artificial intelligence and machine learning, and we’re not far away from that, it’s a very different world from the one we live in, and I genuinely believe we’re on the cusp of a, actually, once in a generational complete acceleration of change. In the average home today there’s 20 connected devices, that will easily be a hundred in a few years.

I’m always quite interested to come to these discussions to find out what other people are thinking.

What’s very interesting is the diversity of businesses that are looking to get involved in 5G.

MARK WOOD - Chair, Nominet and member of PwC Advisory Council
We had a panel of superb experts today who all brought different angles to the discussion. One of the panel members said that this is probably the greatest next step in terms of industrial revolution that we’ve seen for a long time and it’s going to transform a lot of our lives. But then you also get the fact that the infrastructure challenges are enormous.

ADRIANNA MANGION - Senior Sector Director - Telco & Media, Microsoft
I think right now people are still getting their head around what’s the value proposition, when is it going to come, similar to how cloud computing was when we were setting up the first data centres many years ago. But I would say to embrace 5G, think about the possibilities, be it across all industries, be it across healthcare, autonomous vehicles, retail.

ROBERT FRANKS - MD, West Midlands 5G
So we’re at a very early stage with 5G. The UK has been one of the first countries in the world to launch 5G, but we’re in the first year of a decade-long process of rolling out the technology, finding and scaling the use cases. To do that we need the technology industry on the supply side and also all the other demand side industries who are going to use the technologies together to share learnings and find these exciting opportunities.

MIKE WILLIAMS - Senior Sales Executive, Entrust Datacard
I found the discussion today really useful and really helpful, and it enabled me to understand a bit more about 5G and the advantages it can bring to us.

ROLF MEAKIN - Global Telecommunications Consulting Leader, PwC
The one key piece of advice I’d give to businesses when thinking about 5G is don’t think about it as a technology in isolation, but instead think about the business outcomes that you’re trying to achieve if you take a three to five-year view, so it might be an enhanced customer experience or might be a much more productive factory operation, and then think about how 5G will enable other technologies. And that’s where 5G really has a role. So think of it in combination with other technologies that will help you to enable your business outcomes.

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