Claims workforce of the future: Determining the skills, talent and technology for 2030

The insurance workforce will be evolving over the coming years, and the speed of change will be greatest within the claims function. This report looks at what the claims workforce of the future could look like, including the bionic organisation where people and technology work side by side to deliver maximum benefit to business and customers. 

51 % of Insurance CEOs are extremely concerned about the speed of technological change and 81% are concerned about the availability of digital skills in the industry

PwC CEO Survey

The message for leaders

  • Act now - this isn't about some 'far future of work'
  • The future isn't fixed - you need to recognise multiple and evolving scenarios
  • Make a bigger leap - you might need a more radical change
  • Own the automation debate - depth of understanding is a must
  • People not jobs - nuture agility, adapatability and re-skilling
  • Build a clear narrative - how your employees feel affect the business today.

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