PwC Solvency II: Guide through the Maze

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Reporting and disclosure is one of the greatest challenges facing insurers subject to Solvency II. This two volume guide will give users a detailed understanding of Solvency II supervisory reporting and public disclosure requirements. As well as covering all of the quantitative and qualitative reporting and disclosure requirements applicable at an EEA level, this guide also covers the national specific reporting requirements applicable to UK insurers and groups.

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Who needs this publication?

The insurance expert, who is involved in Solvency II reporting, and could include finance directors, financial controllers, finance and actuarial teams.


Structure and contents of the guide through the maze

This Guide is separated into the following sections, covering the various aspects of reporting and disclosure under Solvency II:

Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Regulatory approach
Section 3: Narrative reporting

3.1 The solvency and financial condition report
3.2 The regular supervisory report

Section 4: Quantitative reporting templates

4.1 Contents and basic information
4.2 Balance sheet
4.3 Transactional information and activities
4.4 Investments
4.5 Technical provisions
4.6 Own funds
4.7 SCR and MCR
4.8 Reinsurance
4.9 Group structure and consolidation
4.10 Intra-group transactions
4.11 Financial stability reporting

Section 5: National-specific reporting
Section 6: Special purpose vehicles

Within the relevant sections are chapters describing, in detail, the requirements for completion of each quantitative reporting template (QRT) together with a copies of the templates themselves.


Ordering a publication

Hard copies can be ordered at a cost of £200 by contacting your usual PwC contact or by completing the online form below. Please note that for non-UK orders a minimum order of five copies applies.

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