Annual manufacturing report 2019 - video transcript

Cara Haffey, Industrial Manufacturing & Automotive Leader, PwC - The 2019 Annual Manufacturing Report is the barometer for the UK manufacturing industry. At PwC we wanted to understand whether manufacturers are unlocking the benefits of digital transformation.

Manufacturers have a great opportunity to benefit from digital technologies transforming their operations. 74% of UK manufacturers understand the need to adopt digital technologies to prosper. Adopting these technologies will enable staff to work smarter and be more engaged through to changing business models and customer relationships.  

Nick Peters, Editorial Director, The Manufacturer - But there is a big gap between understanding that and actually investing and implementing them. We’ve got 1 in 4 UK manufacturers saying they have got digital technologies on their radar, but they are unsure how to implement it. We really need to support manufacturers to move towards implementation with confidence and knowledge.

Cara - Where I have seen my clients change and trial a small automation or difference processes, great results have been achieved.  With 91% of UK manufacturers saying they believe the workforce becomes more engaged when working alongside machines rather than just operating them. It is hard for them to decide which technologies will help them best and that they would like more certainty in the specific benefits to them before they make these large investments.

Nick - I think we really have to unpick this issue of why some are holding back. Is there just too much information coming at them from all quarters – rabbit in the headlights syndrome? We hear all too often there’s too much jargon and tech-speak.

Cara - For adoption of digital technologies to be accelerated, it will require leadership and a desire and culture for manufacturers to be braver in disrupting their existing business models. The UK is a great place to capitalise on these technologies. Contact me or visit our website to find out how we helping the manufacturing community.

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