Economic contribution of the foundation industries

In 2012, nearly 31,400 businesses employing 487,000 people formed the Foundation Industries in the UK.  These employees represented 20% of UK’s total manufacturing employment and together, the turnover of these businesses was close to £69bn.

The Foundation Industries are distinctive because they supply materials to multiple, strategic manufacturing and construction supply chains.  Their contribution to the UK’s R&D programmes, training of industry talent, and their use of sustainable products and processes has a significant impact on the sector.  What’s more, their contribution of around 30% of total UK exports and imports in 2012 highlights their impact both nationally.

Tata Steel UK Limited commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) to assess the current and potential economic contribution of the Foundation Industries.  Given their position within strategic supply chains and a global business context, the changing economic landscape presents both opportunities and challenges for the Foundation Industries to increase their significant contribution to the UK manufacturing sector.