Tax Transparency - explaining your tax affairs for extractives

The country-by-country tax reporting landscape continues to evolve.

Understanding how your company is impacted by the latest developments in country-by-country reporting is a key issue for the extractives industry. Publicly reporting government payments bring with a number of disclosure risks which need to be considered and carefully managed.

Our webcast highlights some of those risks and suggest practical approaches to collecting and collating the key data.

  • What are the latest developments in country-by-country reporting?
  • Would you be caught by the rules?
  • My internal resources are limited, how can I efficiently collect the data required?
  • How do I gain comfort that the data extracted is correct and complete?
  • Should I provide voluntary disclosures, beyond those required?
  • How might stakeholders interpret the data?

Hear from our experts responsible for the technical issues around process, technology, governance and the broader transparency debate.

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