The nuclear industry is in the spotlight as governments, companies and consumers grapple with the diverse issues associated with this technology. Many countries are looking to meet their increasing energy demands while addressing concerns about climate change and security of supply. Consequently we see continued efforts to build new nuclear energy facilities and maintain, update and extend the life of the existing fleet while concurrently undertaking the decommissioning of older stock and develop appropriate front and back ends of the fuel cycle.

The sector is on a journey of major change, aligning itself for the first time with renewable and other green technologies.

Our aim is to help address the industry issues you’re facing, including those such as the emergence of nuclear power in the Middle East and Capital Project Delivery for new nuclear build. We are a provider of professional services, with a dedicated team of practitioners who offer a wide range of advisory, assurance, and tax services to governments, companies, stakeholders and sector bodies to help them achieve their business goals.


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