Oil and gas insights

Commodity price benchmarking

PwC’s selected commodity price benchmarking – September 2016.

Is the Brent oil price flatlining

PwC’s market commentary on the Brent Oil price – August 2016.

Igniting Change 2: Building the pipeline of female leaders in energy

Gender diversity across energy. Where are we now and how do we get to where we want to be?

Opportunities in adversity – lower for longer

Opportunities in Adversity – Lower for Longer focuses on the key imperatives to success in a prolonged low oil price environment.

LNG Shipping – Transfer Pricing Considerations

For a while, LNG charter rates experienced significant increases and many multinational energy groups concluded intercompany charter transactions with these high rates. In the last two years; however, charter rates have started to go down and multinationals that locked into higher rates might need to revisit these to reflect the current and rapidly changing market conditions.

Transfer Pricing for the Energy Industry in Africa and Middle East

The profile of transfer pricing in the energy sector is high on the agenda of most energy resource-dependent countries in Africa and the Middle East. This, together with the current economic and volatile energy market conditions, creates significant challenges for multinational groups operating in the region.

Boosting your corporate immune system

Boosting your corporate immune system - building resilience in oil and gas

Robust financial modelling for Oil & Gas companies

Robust financial modelling for Oil & Gas companies

Seven fundamentals to drive excellence in oil and gas operations

A study of what creates operational excellence across industry sectors shows company specific improvements reinforced by industry collaboration and an effective regulatory environment are. All are needed to achieve a step change in performance.

Deal with it! M&A opportunities in a low oil price market

PwC looks at the M&A opportunities in a low oil price market as part of Opportunities in Adversity.

Opportunities in Adversity - A new dawn for oil and gas

With the recent sudden and unprecedented oil price fall, this report analyses the industry, discussing the big question of where the price will go now and how to prepare for the journey ahead.

Working Capital management

Working Capital management for upstream oil and gas companies

Igniting Change: Building the pipeline of female leaders in energy

There’s no getting away from it. The statistics on women in the energy industry are appalling. Of the top 100 UK-headquartered energy companies (including oil and gas, power and renewables) 61% have no women on their board, and only 5% of executive board seats are held by women.

Power your way to peak performance

How energy suppliers can turn customer complaints into competitive advantage

Bringing the world to you: PwC's LNG transfer pricing network

LNG trade has increased four fold in the last two decades, and the game is continuing to change. With ever increasing scrutiny from governments, effectively managing transfer pricing will be a critical piece of the puzzle. At PwC we have deep transfer pricing experience spanning the full LNG value chain and we can help clients plan, implement, document and defend their transfer pricing arrangements across all stages of the LNG project life cycle.

From compliance to commitment: Taking pride in operational excellence

Leading upstream oil and gas companies are focusing on operational excellence (OE) as a way to manage rising costs and safety risks. But though most companies already have OE frameworks in place, their plans often don’t meet expectations.

Northern Lights - one vision, one strategy

The third publication in our oil and gas series, Northern Lights; One vision, one strategy highlights the action required by all in the industry to address the changing landscape, ensuring it is fit for the next 40 years - and not just the next five.

Transfer pricing for upstream oil and gas in Africa

Transfer pricing for the upstream oil and gas sector (exploration and production) is high on the tax and political agenda of most African governments as well as in developed countries with EDP affiliates.At the same time, tax authorities in developed countries expect appropriate transfer pricing returns on interaction with local exploration, development and production affiliates. We have considerable transfer pricing experience on these matters and can provide end-to-end solutions tailored to your needs.

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