Igniting Change: Building the pipeline of female leaders in energy

There’s no getting away from it. The statistics on women in the energy industry are appalling. Of the top 100 UK-headquartered energy companies (including oil and gas, power and renewables) 61% have no women on their board, and only 5% of executive board seats are held by women. We may not know exactly what equality looks like. It’s certainly too simplistic to say that it has to be 50/50, but we can say, with complete confidence, that equality doesn’t look like this.

In producing this report, we looked at a number of data sources including interviews with over 40 senior figures in the energy industry. This has formed the basis of our analysis and subsequent recommendations for how we get from the rather depressing picture we see in the quantitative data, to the much more hopeful one painted by our interviewees.


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