The economic contribution of the UK Life Sciences industry

We hope this research will prove to be valuable in the development of the UK Life Sciences industrial strategy. The UK has the chance to grasp the opportunities presented through EU transition to reinvigorate the UK industry and maintain our world leading position.

We are pleased to support the ABPI and other industry bodies on this important piece of work and we thank the companies and industry bodies who have contributed and helped make this work possible.

  • Life Sciences is a critical industry for the UK. We have a strong scientific community and a proven track-record of developing innovative new treatments and medical technologies.
  • The diversity of the UK Life Sciences sector makes it difficult to identify its economic contribution using existing government statistics. By conducting company-level analysis, our research sheds new light on UK Life Sciences.
  • The company level database we have created also presents a new research resource that the ABPI can use to enhance understanding of the sector.
  • This summary report shows that Life Sciences is a major contributor to employment, taxes and GDP – providing high skilled and highly productive jobs.

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