From vision to decision: Pharma 2020

Our new report says that if the Pharmaceutical (Pharma) industry is to prosper, it must first make sure it has a future and address challenging issues head on.

The UK currently generates 4% of pharma's revenues from prescription products. By 2020 it will only be a 2% of the nearly $1.6 trillion it will be worth worldwide.

Like most mature markets, the UK's becoming a more difficult place for the industry to prosper in for one key reason. The market is demanding better outcomes as a precondition for paying for new medicines.

Many of the conditions that will determine what happens in 2020 are already in place:

  • The processes being used to develop them are similar to those used for the past 10 years.
  • The prevailing management culture remains that of the late 20th century.
  • A demanding commercial environment looks set to continue.

So, what can pharma companies do to make the most of the future?

Read the full report here.