At the crossroads
The future of the UK energy retail market

We are at a crossroads in the energy market.

The public is dissatisfied with the status quo. The relentless political and media focus on consumer bills attest to an urgent need for a new model that provides greater transparency and can rebuild trust. Recently the industry has been referred to the Competition and Markets Authority.

At the crossroads: the future of the UK energy retail market

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Whilst it’s clear that the market needs a new direction, the range of factors that must steer that change forward is greater and more complex than ever before. We outline the key drivers that should guide the market and outline what we believe should be the essential features of the new model.

In this video Steve Jennings, UK Power & Utilities Leader, takes a look at where the UK energy retail market has come from over the past decade and outlines the pathway to the future to rebuild trust; help consumers reduce energy usage; price competitively, create a low carbon future and ensure a fair return.