Transcript: The Strategic Importance of Infrastructure


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Graeme Cooper

National Grid

The electric vehicle charging market is really in its infancy. There are a number of innovative start-ups with some great ideas. The trouble is, they are not landed that as a business proposition right now. So, the market is really ripe for great level of consolidation. Electric car charging is fundamentally different to that of a liquid filled vehicle. So, for car charging, really you want to be charging the vehicle whilst it’s stationary. So, that’s generally at your home or at work. However, not everybody has off street parking or a place to charge at work. So, those sort of people, who aren’t able to do that are likely to do things like charging their car whilst they are at the cinema, charging their car once a week whilst they do their weekly shop.

There will also be charging opportunities for charging at speed when you are doing out of pattern journeys, like on the motorway network. The critical omen for success in EV charging, while I should be focussing on the consumer experience, it needs to be seamless, it needs to have the value add. If business just think about adding a margin on a pence per kilowatt hour, then this is probably lost. In the UK, we see launches of great innovative electric vehicles. We see innovative charging, and we also see great technology platforms, which will help accelerate the market. The things that concern me, though, is the underlying infrastructure that supports that. So, some strategic investment in the underlying grid infrastructure will help accelerate this market.

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