Transcript: A Nascent and Evolving Market


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Sam Hollister 

Energy UK

The electric vehicle charging market today is a very young emerging market. Although, we have over 130,000 electrical vehicles on the road that is still quite a small proportion of the total vehicle stop. So, we are expecting lots more activity in the market, maybe new players, or consolidation with new business models coming forward, that is going to deliver the customer experience to charge their vehicle as and when they worked. There are going to be many different ways that people charge their vehicles in the future. This report highlights, the user experience is going to be a key factor in the choices that people make.

We expect many people to be charging at home due to the convenience, but there are going to need to be other solutions, such as off street parking, or at destination, or even at work where the cars are sitting idle for a period of time. Partnerships are going to be vital as this sector develops. We are seeing a very young emerging market, who are battling for new business models, and are bustling for prime real estate, but as the market grows and becomes a customer choice, we expect greater consolidation or greater specialisation within that sector.

The most successful business model is the one that is going to deliver the customer experience at a price and a service that they value. Whether that’s through delivering home charging for bundled energy service, or whether that’s going to be providing specialist services, such as rapid charging on route to a destination. The UK government has been strongly supportive of the EV roll out and EV charging with financing behind them. We believe there is going to be some areas, where the markets won’t be able to deliver, where the business goes won’t necessarily stuck up., and that’s where government may need to step in by providing additional finance or other un-blockers.

The ban on petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040 isn’t going to be ambitious enough for us to meet our climate change target. We at Energy UK, believe that should be brought forward to at least 2035 or earlier, and if the energy sector can deliver the investment that’s required to make that a success.

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