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UK Energy Retail Survey

An emerging breed of customer that expects to see real change

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PwC Research, our global centre of excellence for research and insight, surveyed over 2,000 consumers to understand how attitudes, knowledge, technology and household characteristics collide to influence choices made in relation to their energy.

A new a wave of engagement

As people spend more time at home due to COVID-19, 43% of customers are now saying they are paying more attention to their energy usage than before, which has increased from 30% since the earlier lockdown period of May 2020. This is unleashing a new wave of engagement with energy suppliers

An emerging breed of customer

It’s a long held belief that customers only care about two things when it comes to energy. The lowest price possible and good customer service. This is now changing. Energy retailers have an opportunity to engage with an emerging breed of customer that is combining heightened awareness, knowledge of Net Zero, and how it links to their own emissions. We are calling these the ‘conscientious buyers’.

How big is the energy sector in the UK?

Key takeaways

The pandemic has created a new wave of engagement in energy

Consumers respond to data about their energy usage

Net Zero is making a strong emotional connection with customers

A new customer segment is emerging that is more willing to ‘pay their part’ to help reach Net Zero

The outlook for in home smart energy technology is strong given customer aspirations

29% of consumers are now ‘conscientious buyers’, combining their emotional connection to Net Zero with insight into their own home’s emissions, to dictate their energy choices.

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