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Fleet charging - a catalyst for the EV revolution

PwC & Cornwall Insight have partnered to better understand and explain the rapidly evolving market for fleet electrification.

Fleet charging has the potential to revolutionise Electric Vehicles (EVs). It has the scale to accelerate the adoption of EVs across the UK, improve air quality, lower noise pollution and ultimately play a critical role in meeting net zero.

As a result of this evolution, a myriad of opportunities, as well as challenges, are emerging for fleet managers, charge point operators and investors. While opportunities are the target, those who have a deep understanding of this market will certainly be the leaders.

Cornwall Insight
Cornwall Insight

The fleet market offers a significant commercial opportunity as well as being a key part of propelling the UK towards net zero

UK fleet market and BEV / PHEV stock; UK car sales split by fleet and private 2019; Potential to accelerate the move to net zero

What is the road map to electrification?

As fleet electrification gathers momentum, it is likely we shall see a pathway emerge. Our research highlighted five key stages in a fleet’s electrification journey.

Understanding this road map will have important implications for all stakeholders, whether they are the fleets themselves, charge point operators or investors.

Key stages of fleet electrification

Key stages of fleet electrification

Fleet electrification is a critical catalyst that will enable the EV revolution in the UK. By combining millions of vehicles and a huge amount of miles travelled, EV charging of fleets offers a strong business model, meaning this will be the key battle ground for providers of EV charging as the market matures.

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