Seeing through the gloom

UK solar seeks stability after subsidy cuts

The UK has entered a highly uncertain period following the vote for Brexit, but uncertainty was a defining characteristic of the outlook for the solar industry even before the EU referendum.

Concerns about solar investment will be exacerbated by the decision to leave the European Union and the expectation of a turbulent period of economic adjustment.

A holistic approach is essential if the UK is to meet these varied requirements and the solar sector must prove it is resilient and can continue to make a major contribution.

Solar survey

To help us to gain greater insight into how the industry looks in 2016 and what its future priorities are, we conducted a survey in conjunction with the Solar Trade Association shortly before the EU Referendum.

The 238 participants represent a broad section of the UK solar industry and include many of its major players.

Please download the report to view the results and key findings.

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