Realising value from private equity portfolio

We provide advice and execution expertise to private equity backed businesses. Using our collective knowledge and experience, we have a range of solutions specifically designed to tackle potential eroders of value at each stage of your deal continuum.

Our experts can help you maximise the growth in value of your portfolio companies by focusing on post-operational improvements, bolt-ons and debt refinancing, as well as tax issues so you can be sure to maximise value on exit. And ensure that your portfolio adds to your business over the long-term.

Many portfolio companies will face financial pressure during the economic downturn, in particular around cash management, reducing facility levels, debt maturity debts and/or onerous covenant terms. Anticipating where and when the pressure points will arise and having aggressive but appropriate management intervention is essential. We have extensive experience of supporting businesses to prioritise and optimise their cash management processes. We can provide refinancing and corporate finance advice working in close partnership with companies and their private equity owners to develop practical funding solutions to maintain control and minimise costs.

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