Renewables & low carbon

Seeing through the gloom: UK solar seeks stability after subsidy cuts

The UK has entered a highly uncertain period following the vote for Brexit, but uncertainty was a defining characteristic of the outlook for the solar industry even before the EU referendum.

Sustainable growth for the solar industry

Findings from a recent survey show that solar energy has a big role to play in meeting the governments targets for renewable energy by 2020

Investment in renewable energy

Analysis of investment in the renewable energy market throughout 2014.

Household Bill Tracker Energy 2020

Our Energy 2020 Household Bill Tracker and infographic, analysing the UK energy agenda and tracking our progress against the 2020 target.

State of the renewable industry

Our analysis ofinvestment trends 2010-2013 in the UK renewable energy sectorinvestment and forecasting required expenditure for 2020 targets.

At the crossroads: the future of the UK energy retail market

A new energy strategy will rebuild trust; help consumers reduce energy usage; price competitively, create a low carbon future, ensure a fair return.

The Renewable Heat Initiative – a journey to global leadership?

Can the UK reach its renewable energy target?

European Power & Renewables Deals: Quarterly M&A; outlook, Spring 2012

The European power and utilities sector was proving to be a modest source of deal activity despite the overall downturn in mergers and acquisitions in the wider global economy in Q1 2012.

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