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Meet changing consumer behaviours to drive the retail recovery.

Even before recent events, the retail and leisure industry was a difficult  environment, particularly for retailers in UK shopping centres and on the high street. The last few months have simply intensified these challenges. Online shopping is dominant, consumer behaviours have changed, and store closures and retail administrations have grown. 

In such a difficult trading environment, a proactive approach to managing uncertainty is key. But cost-cutting alone will not be enough. Organisations need to get complete control over the complex financial, operational and strategic challenges they face, to set out a path that puts their business on a positive trajectory.

Before you begin to restructure for your recovery, you need to truly understand the condition of the retail and leisure industry, shopper habits and the UK high street. And that’s where we can help.

For many, this year's retail Golden  Quarter is more important than ever. Over the next few months, we'll explore the health of the retail sector, consumer behaviours, industry and technology trends. We'll then use that insight to help you act rapidly, giving you the right technical skills and know-how at scale, so that you can keep control of your business, attract and engage UK shoppers while managing the cost of staying competitive.

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday

How will the lockdown in England and restrictions elsewhere affect Black Friday? Our latest research shows a drop in participation, an intention to spend slightly more and a change of interest in different categories.

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Store Opening & Closures - H1 2020

Has the pandemic affected store openings and closures this year? Our look at the latest research shows challenging times ahead for retailers and leisures operators.

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Consumer Sentiment - Autumn 2020

Our latest consumer sentiment survey shows that confidence has rebounded to pre-pandemic levels. However, it's unclear whether this optimism will translate into increased spending throughout the Golden Quarter.

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