Artificial Intelligence

Enabling a smarter and more efficient workforce. Your human workforce, that is.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic, but what does that mean for a labour intensive industry like retail and consumer? We believe AI brings a unique opportunity to your organisation; a smarter, more efficient and more fulfilled workforce. Human workforce, that is. By using AI to undertake the essential but repetitive tasks and mundane activities that human beings do not excel at, this allows your employees to shift their focus to more strategic and value-adding work. 

Artificial Intelligence is the future, and it’s here now

From smart phones, to email features, to recommended products and speech recognition, your customers are engaging with AI every day, but are you making the most of the opportunity? Companies around the world are beginning to leverage AI to better meet customer demands and expectations. We may still be a while off true AI, where machines can learn and think for themselves, but we strongly believe that by adopting the technology now, your organisation will be prepared to make use of AI’s full potential as it develops.

Three reasons you should be working with AI right now


Software Robotics; automatically improve your businesses efficiency

Our Software Robotics help you to operate your business more efficiently by automating and/or eliminating repetitive, mundane tasks through implementing leading software robotic solutions. This is designed to free up your existing people, allowing them to focus on decision making and higher value activities. Quick to implement, lower cost to run and working across many IT systems, Software Robotics can typically be deployed within 2 to 3 months, providing you with a scalable virtual workforce.

At the point of contact (POC) of your business, an average of 40% improvement in volume or time can be made to the process. Through continued improvement, an additional 20% can be achieved. Just 2 staff alongside 200 ‘robots’ can have the output of 600 FTE.

The automation of 3 million transactions per month gave a 200% ROI in one year 35% of back office automation has brought 650 – 800% ROI in 3 years

Processing time reduced by 76% when comparing time taken by robot and human

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We practise what we preach

We at PwC are putting the power of AI to work to transform our own services, so that we can share our experiences to help our clients do the same. To bring the most out of AI, you need to take a holistic approach. Put time and thought into exploring what an integrated AI platform would look like, rather than implementing multiple one-off apps. Information processing, delivering packages, accounts payable, intelligent call centres, completing rule based tasks, are all just the beginning. Bring the future to your organisation, now.

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