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Come and explore our interactive data on consumer deals over the 10 year period from 2007 to 2017. You can click on the filters to cut the data by category, target region, acquiror region, deal size and time period.

The data filters relate to:  

  • Category – select the product or products of interest

  • Target region – find data on Deals in a specific region

  • Acquirer region – data on the origin of acquiring companies

  • Deal size – find out the size of deals in specific locations

  • Year – select a particular time period so your search is more targeted

By using the tool and digging into the data, we hope you will be able to identify trends of value to your business and which will support you in your future strategic and deal decision making.

Global Consumer Deals Value and Volume - 2007 to 2017
Deal value $ (bn)
Number of deals
Target Region
Acquiror Region
Deal size
'Other' includes any miscellaneous consumer products not identified in the main categories, primarily comprising: precious metals / jewellery, glass products, rubber products, household tools.
Source: Dealogic Analytics (consumer products global search: Deal value > $50m, excludes existing shareholder / management transactions)
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