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Reducing risk, managing complexity 

Companies need to take a pragmatic approach to understanding the complexity of their supply chains. With today’s globalised economy, companies supply chains are not only critical to theirs success but also vulnerable to disruption. Our integrated approach to risk can help to identify your points of vulnerability, allowing you to safeguard the supply chains of your key products and services.

PwC can offer leading supply chain experts that can help you establish your company’s exposure to supply chain risk. By identifying key suppliers we’ll impose safeguards to mitigate the impact of their failure, ensuring no sector of your supply chain is left exposed to threats.

At a glance

Are you getting your supply chain strategy right? Start with these questions:

Speed and adaptability drive success in today’s globalised business world

Retail and Consumer goods companies typically manage their planning, manufacturing, operational procurement and delivery functions regionally and their enabling and strategic procurement functions. A high performing supply chain can add bottom-line efficiencies and top-line growth.

Be aware of the challenges you supply chain faces and know how to react.

Customers are expecting more from their shopping experience, being able to serve new customers via new channels has become a necessity for across industries. This can only be achieved by having a supply chain that can adapt and facilitate changing commercial trends.

Be prepared and able to adapt your supplier networks in response to changing economic trends. Increased in labour costs in China, for example, may require a production to relocate in order to ensure both product quality and on-time availability.

Whether it be a local natural disaster or a global financial crisis your company must react quickly to disruptions and most importantly ahead of the competition.

“The agribusiness value chain, form agricultural production to final consumption, can only benefit from having greater transparency and credibility along its multiple links. Consumers will pay more for well-established brands and products that are synonymous with quality and trust.”

Ana Malvestio – South American Leader, food supply and integrity services

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