Consumers now demand more personalised connections...

Almost 3 in 4 consumers have had some kind of interaction with a retailer via social media and 40% have spent more as a result. Create genuine connections means going beyond the transactional.

From browsing your website, placing an order, calling your customer service, speaking to an in-store associate, examining the latest e-mail offers, watching your latest TV advert or reacting to your latest social media post, each connection can help to build a powerful emotive rapport with your brand. For better or for worse, each and every touchpoint matters to consumers.

Are you creating the connections that matter the most to your customers and will add value to your brand and bottom line?

With the popularity of social sharing, including online forums and review platforms, and a culture of being connected online 24/7, comes the expectation of swift, timely and helpful responses. In a frenetic and fragmented multichannel world, a retailer’s ability and capacity to listen is just as important as talking. Making each and every connection or touchpoint resonate with your customers is key to both nurturing and also creating long-lasting and profitable relationships with your brand.


Key issues for retailers to consider:

  • Maintaining a consistent brand experience across channels
  • Investing enough in training and development to ensure in-store associates have deep product knowledge
  • Measuring and maintaining the quality of the customer experience
  • Measuring the link between connections, loyalty and customer lifetime value
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